Robust Instrumentation and Wireless Automation Solutions

Solutions for Optimizing Process Monitoring and Control

Integrating wireless telemetry sensors into certain plant operations can provide greater benefits than simply lowering implementation costs – e.g. optimizing plant performance/productivity. Deploying an OleumTech® Wireless System in the plant has translated into improved process efficiencies and process optimization by measuring secondary process parameters. The OleumTech Wireless Sensor/Monitors enable process control improvement and provide the flexibility and portability needed for commissioning more wireless telemetry devices for a better view of the process.

Wireless Process Monitoring and Control Applications

  • Liquid Level Measurement – Eliminate manual readings of tank levels and storage liquid products.
  • Valve/Pump Control – Remotely actuate solenoids that control valves or pumps.
  • Equipment (Condition/Status) – Monitor the status of a switch or a proximity sensor, on/off and run/stop.
  • Environmental Monitoring – Measure temperature, flow, pressure, corrosion and vibration.

Gas pipeline operators have turned to OleumTech and its wireless solution to automatically collect and report corrosion prevention data and transmit data back to the central SCADA system via wireless RF network. These remote systems have traditionally been maintained by technicians going to a site to take readings and make adjustments. The OleumTech wireless communication devices have replaced this expensive and time-consuming process.

Energy and Utility Applications

  • Transformer Temperature
  • Natural Gas Flow
  • Power Outage Reporting
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Rectifier Voltage Reading