Industrial Instrumentation & Wireless Automation Solutions

Reducing Emissions with Flare Stack Monitoring

Flaring is an inevitable process in refining activities; not only for safety reasons during upset processes (start-up, shut down), but also when managing the disposal of waste gases in hydrocarbon routine operations. To accurately determine methane production levels and flow, our Wireless Pressure Transmitter can detect both pressure and vacuum present within the methane production system. In addition, our Wireless RTD Temperature Sensor Transmitter and Wireless Thermocouple Sensor Transmitters takes temperature measurement readings at the point of heat in an active flame, verifying that methane is burning.

Downstream (Refining) Applications

  • Raw Material Tank Levels
  • Flare Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU) / Electronic Flow Meters (EFM) IO Extensions
  • Pressure Relief and Shut-off Valves
  • Steam Trap Monitoring
  • Flow Meter Monitoring