User-Friendly PC Tool for Managing OTC Sensor and I/O Network



  • Manage every aspect of the OTC Sensor and I/O network
  • Project Creation Wizard helps quickly and easily build project files
  • Offers full editing controls over devices and Modbus register mapping
  • Offers diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
  • Free software; free support
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Compatible with PC with Windows® Vista or later
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Powerful, Yet Easy to Use

BreeZ® Software by OleumTech® enables you to configure and manage every aspect of the OTC Wireless Sensor and I/O Network. Whether you are building basic or complex data infrastructures, BreeZ provides an intuitive interface and a number of tools so you can quickly design and deploy OTC Wireless Networks.

Device Programming and Diagnostics

Once a BreeZ project configuration file is built, it is used for programming the OTC devices in a network. You can also use BreeZ to poll/control connected devices for debugging and running troubleshooting diagnostics.