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OTC Gateways


Ethernet & Serial Interface



  • Wirelessly gather/distribute sensor data
  • Map I/O anywhere within the network
  • Modbus Master/Slave functionality
  • Ethernet connectivity facilitates IoT and
    IIoT implementations
  • 2 configurable Serial/RTU ports (RS232/RS485)
  • Data logging capabilities / secure web server
  • -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
  • 900 MHz / 915 MHz / 2.4 GHz / 868 MHz
  • Secure AES encryption
  • Class I, Division 2 (Zone 2) certified
  • Optional local display available
  • Advanced peer-to-peer (P2P) communication functionality
  • US Patent #6,967,589

Primary Data Collection Point

The OleumTech® DH3 Wireless Gateway plays an integral role in the OTC Wireless Sensor and I/O Network. It possesses the ability to aggregate data from OTC wireless transmitters, I/O modules, and other gateways onto its 1920-point register holding table. Third-party devices can access the data over the Modbus or LevelMaster ASCII.

Data Logging Capabilities

The DH3 offers both event-based data logging and time-based trending/logging capabilities. The data can be stored onto its internal RAM (volatile) or onto an optional industrial-grade Micro SD card (non-volatile). Trend graphs are accessible via the DH3’s secure web server.

Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking

Multiple gateways can be deployed to the OTC platform for creating a custom, highly scalable network. The gateways have the power to communicate with each other. You can leverage the peer-to-peer technology for funneling data to the primary gateway for optimizing network efficiency and/or designing an extremely flexible I/O mapping system across the entire wireless network.

Ethernet + Serial + Local Display Option

Equipped with both Ethernet and Serial ports, the DH3 is designed for interfacing multiple third-party devices. Having both Modbus Master and Slave functionalities, the DH3 provides endless possibilities for solving telemetry challenges. OleumTech offers a local I/O expansion solution for integrating analog and discrete I/O capabilities to the DH3. An optional touchscreen LCD display is also available for added convenience.


Radio Band∙ ISM Band (License-Free)
900 MHz / 915 MHz∙ FHSS, FSK, AES Encryption 256-bit (900 MHz), 128-bit (915 MHz)
2.4 GHz∙ DSSS, AES Encryption 128-bit
868 MHz∙ LBT-AFA, AES Encryption 128-bit
Bit Rate∙ 900/915 MHz: 9600 bps / 115.2 kbps; 2.4 GHz: 250 kbps; 868 MHz: 80 kpbs
Output Power (Max)∙ 900/915 MHz: 1000 mW; 2.4 GHz: 63 mW; 868 MHz: 25mW
Receiving Sensitivity∙ 900/915 MHz: -110 dBm @ 9600 bps, -100 dBm @ 115.2 kbps
∙ 2.4 GHz: -101 dBm @ 250 kbps / 868 MHz: -106 dBm @ 80 kbps
RF Range∙ 900/915 MHz: Up to 40 Miles / 64 km with Clear Line of Sight (Gateway to Gateway or I/O Module)
∙ 900/915 MHz: Up to 7500 Feet / 1.4 Miles / 2.3 km with Clear Line of Sight (Transmitter to Gateway)
∙ 2.4 GHz: Up to 4.3 Miles / 7 km with Clear Line of Sight (Gateway to Gateway)
∙ 868 MHz: Up to 5.2 Miles / 8.4 km with Clear Line of Sight (Gateway to Gateway)
Device Functionality∙ Wireless Gateway with Ethernet/Serial Connectivity and Data Logging Capabilities
Embedded Controller∙ 32-Bit Power ARM Cortex - A9core Microprocessor, Up to 800 MHz CPU Speed
Memory∙ Flash Memory: 4 GB / SD RAM Memory: 512 MB
Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T∙ Modbus TCP/IP Master/Slave, DHCP Client/Static IP (Device Designed to Work Behind Firewall)
∙ Supports Local/Remote Device Configuration and F/W Upgrade Using BreeZ® 5.0 or Higher
∙ Supports Auto-MDIX/Auto-Crossover for ad-hoc networking (PC directly to DH3)
Serial Interfaces∙ 2 RTU Ports (RS232/RS485 Software Configurable)
∙ Modbus Master/Slave, LevelMaster ASCII Slave, ROC-Link Master (Supports Opcodes 17 and 10)
ROC: Read up to 10 User Configurable (TLP) Points, INT16 (signed or unsigned) or FL(OAT)
2 USB 2.0 Host Ports∙ Reserved for Future Use
Mini-USB (OTG)∙ Supports Local Device Configuration and F/W Upgrade Using BreeZ® 5.0 or Higher
Micro SD Card Slot∙ Only Use Industrial-Grade Micro SD Cards: Part # SX1000-SD2 (-40 °C to 70 °C)
Device Diagnostics∙ Health Tag: Supply Voltage
DH3 Dimensions∙ 4.6" (W) x 3.0" (H) x 2.0" (D) / 117 mm (W) x 76 mm (H) x 50 mm (D)
Package Dimensions∙ 8" (W) x 6" (H) x 2.5" (D) / 203 mm (W) x 152 mm (H) x 63 mm (D)
Package Weight∙ 1.3 lbs / 570 g
Mounting∙ DIN Rail Clip (Spring-Loaded)
DC Power Input∙ 9-30 Vdc
Average Power Input∙ Local Display Off: 3 Watt; Local Display On: 5 Watt
Power Consumption @12 Vdc∙ 900 / 915 MHz @ 1000 mW: Receive Avg 172 mA, Transmit Avg 401 mA
∙ 2.4 GHz @ 63 mW: Receive Avg 154 mA, Transmit Avg 209 mA
∙ 868 MHz @ 25 mW: Receive Avg 168 mA, Transmit Avg 231 mA
Power Consumption @24 Vdc∙ 900 / 915 MHz @ 1000 mW: Receive Avg 113 mA, Transmit Avg 228 mA
∙ 2.4 GHz @ 63 mW: Receive Avg 99 mA, Transmit Avg 139 mA
∙ 868 MHz @ 25 mW: Receive Avg 99 mA, Transmit Avg 132 mA
EMC/EMI∙ FCC Part 15 (USA), IC ICES-003 (Canada), ACMA (Australia)
∙ AS/NZS CISPR 32 (Australia), EN55032 & EN55024 (EU)
Safety∙ Class I, Zone 2, Groups ABCD
∙ Class I, Zone 2 AEx nA nC IIC T4 Gc
∙ ATEX: ITS15ATEX48231X II 3 G Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc
∙ IECEx: ETL15.0039X; Ex nA nC IIC T4 Gc
DATA LOGGINGRecords Data to Internal RAM, MicroSD Card Option for Data Persistence
Trending (RAM/Micro SD)∙ 800,000 Pts Max Regardless of Memory Capacity; Supports Multiple Trends; Exportable to .CSV
Event Logging (RAM/Micro SD)∙ 100,000 Pts Max Regardless of Memory Capacity
∙ Event Types: Rising or Falling Edge Event Control: Deadband or On-Delay; Exportable to .CSV
System Logging (RAM/Micro SD)∙ 100,000 Pts Max Regardless of Memory Capacity, Viewable on Web Server or Local Display
Features∙ View Modbus Data, Trends, Event and System Logs, Device/Network Settings, and More
Security/Privacy∙ Role-based Authentication (Admin/User/Guest), HTTPS
Version/PC Platform∙ BreeZ® Version 5.0 or Later; PC with Windows® 7 or Later
Connectivity∙ Configurable via Ethernet Port or Mini-USB Port
Security/Privacy∙ Role-based Authentication (Admin/User), Communication Secured via SSL/TLS v1.2
Operating Conditions∙ Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
∙ Temperature with Optional LCD: -20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)
∙ Humidity: 0 to 99 %, Non-Condensing
Warranty∙ 2-Year Parts and Labor
Country of Origin∙ USA
Model Numbers∙ WG-0900-DH3, WG-0915-DH3, WG-2400-DH3, WG-0868-DH3
Wirelessly Connects To∙ OTC Wireless Devices (Gateways, Transmitters, I/O Modules)
Micro SD Card∙ Only Use Industrial-Grade Micro SD Cards: Part # SX1000-SD2 (-40 °C to 70 °C)
Local Display∙ 5.7" Local HMI Display WX-1000-LCD
Configuration Cable∙ WX-1001-CA2, 15-ft USB to Mini-USB Cable or SX1000-CC2, 20-ft All-in-One Configuration Cable, Ethernet Cable