Branding & Marketing Resources

For OleumTech Partners

The OleumTech brand is our most valuable asset, and as valued Channel Partner, we will work with you to ensure you have the support you need as we share our continued growth and success.

This Guideline has been created to help you communicate OleumTech brand messaging in your marketing efforts. Our aim to provide you with the resources to accurately portray our brand and communicate the attributes and qualities of our company.

As an OleumTech Partner, we deeply appreciate your partnership with us and we thank you for your continued support!


Download only the branding elements you need in a single .zip file.

  • OleumTech Branding Guidelines & Logos, Packaged 08/13/2020: Click here


  • OTC Product Images, Updated 5/17/2023: Click Here
  • H Series Product Images, Updated 5/17/2023: Click Here
  • GP Sensor Network Product Images, Updated 8/12/2020: Click Here
  • WIO Wireless I/O Product Images, Updated 8/12/2020: Click Here
  • Sensor to Cloud Product Images, Updated 8/12/2020: Click Here

Name Usage

Full Legal Name

OleumTech Corporation

Short Name


Written first instance

In any written document, the first reference to our company in a header and a body of text should contain the Trademark symbol – OleumTech®.

The short cut key for ® symbol: Alt+0174

Correct spelling

OleumTech® is the correct spelling. It is always one word with capital “O” and “T”.

“Oleumtech” and “Oleum Tech” are spelled incorrectly.

OleumTech on Your Website

As an authorized reseller or distributor, you represent the OleumTech brand to customers.

Your website and the OleumTech website is the primary marketing communication vehicles, and the content plays major role in differentiating OleumTech from its competitors. Please follow these guidelines while creating OleumTech content on your website.

Content on your website should contain at least four aspects to become a powerful tool:

1.OleumTech logo

2.OleumTech company overview

3.OleumTech product catalog

4.OleumTech product images

Logo Usage

The OleumTech logo should ideally be placed on the Home page of your website following the minimum size requirements.

Our logo library consists of one primary logo (OleumTech), and secondary logos for our platforms:

OTC Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

H Series Hardwired Instrumentation

General Purpose Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

WIO® Point-to-Point Wireless I/O System

Learn the correct guidelines for using the OleumTech Logos HERE

Company Overview

Please include an OleumTech company overview on your website. You can refer to the sample company over copy on this section and shorten it according to your availability of space.

For Google search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, we recommend the sample overview text on this page be used only as guide to write your own original company overview.

If you are unsure of what to include in your description of OleumTech, please contact our Marketing Team.

Sample Company Overview

Since the year 2000, OleumTech® has maintained its position as an innovator, pioneer, and thought leader in industrial wireless instrumentation solutions. Headquartered in Southern California, OleumTech is continuously working to provide the automation market the simplest and most scalable wireless solutions by investing in new technologies that keep the advancement moving forward. OleumTech solutions increase visibility to assets for major Oil & Gas producers as well as mining and water infrastructure for near real-time optimization decisions, resource deployment and regulatory compliance.

Specializing in self-contained, battery-powered wireless solutions for Class I Division 1 (Zone 0) and ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 hazardous locations, the company has a near limitless range of integrated and third-party sensors accommodating liquid level, pressure, turbine-meters, discrete inputs, RTD, thermocouple, and many others, all offering innovative technological designs that provide exceptional performance and reliability in harsh applications.

Rugged and reliable, the OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network communicates with any SCADA system and RTU/PLC/EFM using Modbus. This architecture future proofs the instrument network for compatibility with legacy upgrades of EFM/RTU’s, SCADA Hosts, communication backbones, and migration during asset mergers and acquisitions. This network is efficient for as little as a few stranded I/O points, yet is scalable to thousands.

OleumTech with its world class in-house software and hardware design team, and stringent quality control processes, has become a trusted leader among wireless solutions providers by enabling the digital oilfield of tomorrow, today. All OleumTech products are made in the USA and designed and manufactured to ISO 9001, QAN and QAR Quality System Standards.

Sales & Event Support

For your event participations, we encourage you to display OleumTech products will endeavor to provide you with any support your may require for your events.

We can support your events with:

  • New OleumTech Products
  • Marketing brochures
  • Product datasheets
  • Sales support at your event

We would love to participate in your events – Just let us know when and where your next event is taking place.

Media Considerations

OleumTech is very supportive in your marketing efforts.

We need to be sure that consistency and messaging are maintained.

If you are planning to include OleumTech in anyway in the messaging, please let your OleumTech representative be aware of your plans and get prior approval of your media efforts.