Frac Pond Level Monitoring with OleumTech® Wireless Solutions

As the number of hydraulically fractured wells continue to increase along with associated regulations and legislation, wastewater will continue to be a priority, including the use of Frac ponds.

This case study goes over three Frac pond configuration scenarios and details how OleumTech can solve Frac pond monitoring challenges with a number of products including wireless gateways, self-contained wireless transmitters, I/O modules or any combination thereof.


In the oil and gas industry, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) along with horizontal drilling are perhaps the most significant achievements in terms of both engineering and innovation. These achievements enable producers to maximize returns from each well. As a result, the number of hydraulically fractured shale oil and gas wells continue to increase. Hydraulic fracturing is the high-pressure injection of water, sand, and chemicals that fracture shale deposits deep underground to help free trapped oil and gas. 

Hydraulic fracturing is a very water intensive process, using an estimated 3 to 5 million gallons of Frac fluid per individual well with water accounting for over 90% of the solution. However, fracking leaves billions of gallons of wastewater every year and regulations are in place that require Frac fluid to be collected and disposed of in an approved manner. While some companies reuse the wastewater from Frac ponds/tanks, others utilize water treatment facilities. 

Frac ponds are convenient and affordable, making for a very appealing solution. Unfortunately, they do have a downside. Frac ponds can overflow during strong rains, leading to environmental consequences and potential fines. Also, frac pond liners can leak causing environmental concerns as well as the potential to not have enough fluid for the next Frac job. Therefore, monitoring Frac pond level is critical. 

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