I/O Expansion System offers a cost-effective, standalone, customizable solution for expanding local I/O counts to any RS485 Modbus Master device

HOUSTON, September 23, 2014 – ASGMT (Booth #42) – OleumTech®, (www.oleumtech.com), a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial automation systems, today announced the launch of its RS485 I/O Expansion System. The System is compatible with any Modbus RS485 Master device and requires no software configuration. Designed for smooth installation and ease of use, it can be deployed with tool-free mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail. The RS485 I/O Expansion System is an economical solution for industrial applications in a variety of markets including, oil and gas, utilities, petro-chem, irrigation and many more.

“The RS485 I/O Expansion System was designed to be very easy to use with no software while providing reliable and scalable I/O expansion to any third-party RS485 Modbus Master device,” said Colin Lippincott, Vice President of Sales at OleumTech. “Customers can choose from Digital, 4-20 mA, or 0-10 V I/O Modules to create a customized solution that is both cost-effective and high-performing. The same I/O Modules can be used for both RS485 I/O expansion and WIO® Wireless hardwire replication solutions.”

The OleumTech I/O Modules offer field isolated inputs and outputs. The RS485 interface supports up to 16 slave addresses for high scalability.

The RS485 I/O Expansion System is comprised of:

  • RS485 I/O Expansion Kit: RS485 interface and mounting accessories
  • Digital: 4 inputs / 4 outputs
  • 4-20 mA: 2 inputs / 2 outputs
  • 0-10 V: 2 inputs / 2 outputs


The RS485 I/O Expansion System is now available for shipping. Contact sales@oleumtech.com for more information.

About OleumTech

OleumTech Corporation is a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial automation systems that represents the new paradigm of remote monitoring and control for industries such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities and Water/Wastewater. The patented Wireless Sensor Network eliminates costs associated with running cables and digging trenches with the use of its wireless tank monitoring (using liquid level sensor), wellhead monitoring and peer-to-peer oilfield automation solutions. Forming the foundation of a highly scalable, peer-to-peer wireless infrastructure, the WIO System enables “last mile” connectivity in any wireless SCADA and telemetry application.

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