FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. February 23, 2017 – OleumTech® Corporation (, a leading provider of M2M communications and industrial automation solutions, is celebrating the launch of successful new product campaigns. In Q1 2016, the Liquid Level Sensor/Wireless Transmitter using Resistive technology was introduced. When monitoring production tank levels, many producers face unpredicted challenges such as extreme temperatures, rugged terrain, corrosive media such as H2S, and potential buildup and collection of “solids” commonly classified as paraffin. OleumTech’s significant and unique domain knowledge and expertise combined with exhaustive testing has helped mitigate major risks associated with these types of challenges.

OleumTech is pleased to announce the following update:

The Resistive Level Sensor/Transmitter has been met with terrific market acceptance. Thousands have been installed since release with 99.83% of units having no reported issues.  This new sensor helps to tackle key factors.  In a wireless installation, the battery life of the system can be 4 times longer than any competing device.  That is due to the much lower power consumption of the OleumTech products.  The sensors have a high temperature rating of 248 OF. Also, great success with confronting high H2S and paraffin concerns are anticipated due to the design. OleumTech is extremely confident with the results and offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty against any paraffin and H2S related issues. Please see your local distributor or contact OleumTech directly for more information. The Resistive Sensor by OleumTech is a patented technology ideal for autonomously monitoring tank levels in Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0) hazardous locations with extremely high accuracy and reliability using wireless or hardwired install practices.

The success stories being shared regarding this new product related to its high performance and reliability in oilfields around the world is a testament to OleumTech’s unrivaled engineering, application expertise, and its commitment to excellence.

About OleumTech

OleumTech Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation systems that represents the new paradigm of remote monitoring and control for industries such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities and Water/Wastewater. With over 350,000 nodes and 35,000 networks deployed, the patented system eliminates costs associated with running cables and digging trenches with the use of its wireless tank monitoring, wellhead monitoring and peer-to-peer oilfield process automation solutions. Forming the foundation of a highly scalable, peer-to-peer wireless infrastructure, the OleumTech Wireless Systems enables “last mile” connectivity in any wireless SCADA and telemetry application.

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