FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, September 17, 2018 – OleumTech, a leading manufacturer of wireless M2M communications and industrial automation solutions, today announced its participation at the 53rd annual American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT), Booth #103, Sep 17 – 20, Houston, TX.

OleumTech leads four key ASGMT sessions. Presenters will demonstrate a variety of wireless solutions for collecting critical level, pressure, flow, temperature, and alarm data in the monitoring and control of various Oil & Gas processes. The presentations will address common and complex gas measurement challenges, wireless vs wired technology, introduction to the newly launched DH2-W Wireless Gateway, lightning-free oilfield automation, alarm management, and more.


Technical and Hands-on ASGMT Presentations:

Methods of Gathering Electronic Gas Measurement Data (Lecture Class)

Tuesday, Sep 18 at 3:15 pm in Room Salon H


Remote Wireless Monitoring (Hands-on Class)

Wednesday, Sep 19 at 10:15 am in Room Richmond 1


New Products in Data Acquisition & Communication (Panel) – Introducing the DH2-W Wireless Gateway

Wednesday, Sep 19 at 10:15 am in Room Salon H


Lightning Free Automation (Lecture Class)

Thursday, Sep 20 at 10:15 am in Room Salon F


In Oil & Gas, the pursuit to find the best technology for collecting reliable data from industrial assets continues to grow. The innovative suite of OleumTech wireless transmitters, sensors, gateways and I/O solutions are enabling companies to gain productivity, increased safety and lower operating costs.

Visit OleumTech at Booth #103 to learn more about OleumTech automation solutions.

About OleumTech

OleumTech® is a leading manufacturer of wireless M2M communications and industrial automation solutions. For the past two decades, OleumTech has set the performance standards in M2M and IIoT communications with over 400,000 transmitters and 40,000 networks deployed.  Our versatile products are distributed globally in oil and gas, refining/petrochemical, water/wastewater, and IoT applications that require industrially-hardened, battery-powered sensors and I/O networks. Headquartered in Foothill Ranch, CA, OleumTech is an ISO 9001 certified organization with a full commitment to excellence in delivering superior quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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