The OleumTech® OTC Wireless Sensor and I/O Network can only be created using the OleumTech BreeZ® Configuration Software for use with Windows®-based PC computers that is available to its customers for free of charge. 

The BreeZ Software gives you full power over the system to manage every aspect of the wireless sensor network being created and all of the devices and parameters contained within the BreeZ project file.

In order to program OTC devices, you first have to build a project file using BreeZ.

As soon as BreeZ is launched, the helpful project setup wizard guides you through the basic steps required to create a project file for commissioning an OTC Wireless Sensor Network:

1. Project naming and adding file location path.

  1. Radio Frequency, Channel, and Group selection.
  2. Configure Wireless Gateway settings.
  3. Add Wireless Sensors/Transmitters and configure their parameters.
  4. Once the devices are added, BreeZ automatically builds your project file by populating the Modbus register table and assigning device IDs and such.
    Once a basic project is built, you can easily use BreeZ’s menu system to add more wireless devices and I/O modules and configure them as well as modifying the Modbus table and adding additional mapping points.

Once a project file is built, the OTC devices are ready to be programmed using the “update device” feature in BreeZ and with a SX1000-CC2 All-in-One Configuration Cable. After all the devices have been programmed, your wireless sensor network is ready for deployment.

    This article only explains the basic system setup, configuration, and device programming aspect of the OTC Wireless Sensor Networking platform. To find out how you can benefit from its multitude of advanced features and innovative technologies, please contact your OleumTech wireless automation solutions expert today!