Over the last two decades, OleumTech has forever changed the landscape in the deployment of industrially hardened instruments in one of the world’s harshest and most challenging environments: the oilfield.  OleumTech pioneered and popularized the use of wireless monitoring systems commonly known as wireless sensor networks in Class I, Division 1 or CID1 (Zone 0) hazardous locations.  From this intense focus and dedication to providing high-quality process monitoring devices within the highly specialized sector, it gave rise to one of the best automatic tank gauging (ATG) solutions available to date. These solutions can be paired with wireless transmitters, but are also available as a hardwired option with our H Series.

  • 5-in-1 monitoring capabilities for measuring product, interface, temperature, and two discrete inputs from a single liquid level sensor*
  • Requires only a one-time level calibration unlike some other sensor types
  • Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0) certified, Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous locations
  • RS485 Serial interface for connecting to existing Modbus Master hardware
  • Multi-drop up to 16 levels gauges on a single power run
  • Quick and easy to install, increasing worker safety and decreasing costs
  • Available in flexible (PTFE) or 316 stainless steel materials to suit your needs

*Discrete inputs available with the Modbus sensor only, HW5x00-RL3. 

Do More with Less

OleumTech’s Hardwired Level Sensors stand out over guided wave radar (GWR) and other level sensors on the market due to their unique 5-in-1 monitoring capabilities. A single level sensor can continuously monitor product level (oil), interface level (water), temperature (integrated RTD sensor), and two discrete inputs (with the HW-RL3 version). The densely populated reed switch resistive level sensors are incredibly accurate and available in either 1/2″ resolution (±1/4″ accuracy) or 1/4″ resolution (±1/8″ accuracy) options. The OleumTech Resistive Level Sensor eliminates the need for additional instruments as it has an integrated RTD sensor.

Highly Trusted Tank Level Sensors

Through its superior design and highest-quality material selection, OleumTech’s level sensors are among the most dependable level monitoring instruments available for industrial applications and oil tank level monitoring. Buildup and scaling on devices inside tanks are common issues producers face, and the OleumTech Resistive Level Sensors are designed to combat those problems. Both the Flex (PTFE) and Rigid (316 SS) level sensor types are highly resistant to H2S damage, scaling, and paraffin buildup. These CID1 certified instruments can withstand the most rigorous tank environments and require just a one-time calibration. OleumTech Resistive Level Sensors can perform for extended periods without requiring regular maintenance or cleaning, thus reducing excess labor costs as well as unwanted production downtime.



Easy Integration into any Operation

The OleumTech Resistive Level Sensors can connect to any Master device with an RS485 interface. Choose between either a Modbus RTU (HW-RL3) or LevelMaster ASCII (HW-RL4) communication protocol option when ordering your level sensor. You can also multi-drop up to 16 serial H Series level sensors using a single power supply. Multiple 3/4-inch NPT ports on the transmitter enclosure make it easy to run conduit and wiring.

The Industry’s Best Level Sensing Solution

OleumTech’s hardwired level sensors are the ideal solutions for use with production tanks, crude oil tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks, SWD locations, separators, condensate tanks, midstream collection and blend tanks, refinery holding tanks, and many other applications. With over 400,000 devices deployed across the globe, OleumTech remains a leader of industrial automation solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Contact us to request a quote and determine which OleumTech level sensor is the best solution for your applications!