FOOTHILL RANCH, CA, April 29, 2020 – OleumTech®, a leading provider of wireless industrial automation and IoT solutions, today announced the release of two new Explosion-Proof Tuning Fork Level Switch models as an addition to the Hardwired H Series instrumentation product line. Designed for preventing overfill (high) or dry run (low) conditions in liquids, fine-grained solids, granular plastics, gravel, and powders, these products are ideal for operational awareness and increased safety in all industrial markets.

“OleumTech is laser focused on innovation right now and the addition of the new tuning fork level switches signal the start of a series of new products to be launched into the H-Series instrumentation product line…” said Brent McAdams, OleumTech Sr. Vice President of Global Strategic Initiatives “…these switches offer a price point and functionality unmatched by our competition, which in this economic environment is critical to our customer base.”

The Tuning Fork Level Switches hit the market with an introductory starting price of $499 and immediate to 3 week delivery, depending on configuration and size. In addition, the intuitive LEDs located inside the housing provide clear indication of the Tuning Fork’s operational state without requiring the unit to be pulled from service. The level switches can be ordered either as HTF1740 with a customer specified insertion length of 5-10” for side mounted applications or the HTF1741 with a customer specified insertion length of 11-118” for top mounted applications.

Tuning Fork Level Switch Highlights:

  • 5” to 118” length option in 1” increments
  • No calibration required
  • Selectable alarm high (overfill) or low (dry run) option
  • Sensitivity adjustment option
  • LED indicators for power and operational state
  • Signal Output: Relay SPDT (NO and NC) or SSR MOSFET (PNP/NPN)
  • Unaffected by turbulence, flow, foam/bubbles, vibration, liquid properties, product variations, coating products, and solids content
  • Direct-mount Magnetic Switch Kit available as an accessory


Please contact an OleumTech representative to learn about the products and special introductory pricing.

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OleumTech® is a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial automation, IoT, and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. For the past two decades, OleumTech has set the performance standards in M2M and IIoT communications with over 500,000 transmitters and 50,000 networks deployed.  Their versatile products are distributed globally in oil and gas, refining/petrochemical, water/wastewater, and IoT industries, as well as other industries that require industrially-hardened, battery-powered sensors and I/O networks. Headquartered in Foothill Ranch, CA, OleumTech is an ISO 9001 certified organization with a full commitment to excellence in delivering superior quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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