Brent McAdams, Senior VP of Global Strategic Initiatives at OleumTech, recently participated in a two-day webinar hosted by IoT Africa Networks to discuss the use cases and benefits of digitizing oilfield assets using OleumTech Sigfox-enabled wireless IoT transmitters. As pioneers of the Digital Oilfield, OleumTech helps O&G producers gain valuable insight into their operation to increase their levels of efficiency, productivity, and safety.

With over 150 Sigfox-enabled products, OleumTech is one of the largest partners in the Sigfox ecosystem and the only manufacturer that offers Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0) certified wireless end nodes. Watch the webinar videos below to hear Brent McAdams discuss digitizing the Oil & Gas sector with IoT and to learn more about the integral role OleumTech’s Sigfox-enabled transmitters play in enabling the Digital Oilfield.

Day 1: Digital Oilfields, and Its Positive Impact on the Oil and Gas Sector

Day 2: Digitizing the Gas Supply Chain with IoT

31:11 Use Cases and Benefits of OleumTech’s Digital Oilfield Devices – Brent McAdams
1:10:18 Use Cases and Benefits of OleumTech’s Devices and Solutions for the Gas Industry – Brent McAdams

Sensor to Cloud Solutions Digitizing the Oilfield

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General Purpose

CID1 (Zone 0) - LCD

CID1 (Zone 0)