As new mandates limiting methane gas emissions are put in place, remote thief hatch monitoring is critical. Tank batteries are often located in remote areas, not frequently visited for physical inspections. With strict regulations on tank emissions, operators cannot afford to wait until the next physical site inspection to discover that a thief hatch is open. They must know the exact moment the thief hatch is open and for how long.

With the OleumTech SX1000-S30 Thief Hatch Switch, producers can gain real-time updates on the open/close status of the thief hatch, receiving immediate notification of any unintended emissions. Not only will the critical data acquired from thief hatch monitoring help to minimize emissions risk and penalties under new mandates, but it will also reduce product loss.

This cost-effective solution is a simple apparatus and is incredibly quick and easy to install. The switch can be mounted on either side of the hatch, providing both normally open and normally closed operation. The SX1000-S30 Thief Hatch Switch is compatible with OleumTech wireless and hardwired level transmitters with discrete input(s) for seamless integration. Contact an OleumTech sales representative to learn more.