Using Our Logo

Guidelines for using the OleumTech logo

Our Logo Library

The OleumTech logo should ideally be placed on the Home page of your website following the minimum size requirements.

Our logo library consists of one primary logo (OleumTech), and secondary logos for our platforms:

OTC Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

H Series Hardwired Instrumentation

General Purpose Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

WIO® Point-to-Point Wireless I/O System

The provided logos have been created to maintain consistent visual representation of OleumTech and prevent incorrect versions from being created.

This page details the correct usage of our logos.

Using Our Primary Logo

Minimum Clear Space

The clear space requirement is designed to maintain the integrity of the logo. This ensures visibility and legibility of the logo. No graphic elements, including patterns, photos, or colors can be used in the clear space.

Minimum Sizes

To maintain the visibility and consistency of the OleumTech logo, it must not be used below a minimum reproduction size.

The minimum size of our logo is 18px on screen, or 0.25in in print, measured by the height of the [O].

Note: Because monitor resolutions and view setting vary, example shown may not be to scale.

Using Our Secondary Logos

Our secondary logos consist of logos of our OTC, GP and WIO platforms.

The secondary logos should only be used when showcasing the respective platform products on your website.

They should have the minimum clear space on all sides and should be equal to the height of the “O” in OleumTech.

OTC Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

H Series Hardwired Instrumentation

General Purpose Wireless I/O & Sensor Network

WIO® Point-to-Point Wireless I/O System

Logo Variations: DO’s

The logo is an integral part of the OleumTech brand and should be used thoughtfully and consistently.

  • Do: Use only approved logo assets. Don’t recreate the logo.
  • Do: Provide clear space
  • Do: Make sure the registered trademark symbol ® is visible
  • Do: contrast the logo with the background

Ideally the logo is to be used on a white background for maximum impact and clarity.

When this is not possible, be sure to use only the OleumTech Cool Grey background to provide sufficient contrast with the logo. (see color palette)

Logo Variations: DONT’S

  • Do not reproduce the logo in any other colors
  • Do not introduce any other graphic elements
  • Do not place the logo at an angle or distort it in any way
  • Do not use poor-quality artwork
  • Always use Trademark symbol “TM” with the logo
  • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not stretch the logo
  • Do not drop shadow to the logo
  • Do not alter or partially cover the logo. Make sure the logo is fully and clearly visible.
  • Do not use the logo on background on any color other than white or OleumTech’s cool grey (see color palette section).

Color Palette

To create a consistent and recognizable look for the variety of visual communications, a color palette has been provided.

Primary Colors

Our color palette consists of our Primary Colors, OleumTech Blue (Pantone Reflex Blue C) and  OleumTech White (Pantone White).

OleumTech Blue

(Pantone Reflex Blue C)

RGB0, 84, 164
CMYK100, 73, 0, 2

OleumTech White

(Pantone White)

RGB255, 255, 255
CMYK0, 0, 0, 0
Complimentary Palette

A complimentary palette was created for subdued backgrounds and bright page accents.

OleumTech Cool Grey

(Pantone Cool Grey 2 C)

RGB230, 231, 232
CMYK0, 0, 0, 10

OleumTech Dark Grey

(Pantone Cool Grey 10 C)

RGB88, 89, 91
CMYK0, 0, 0, 80

Logo Files

When it comes to logos, having the right file to use for a specific purpose is important.

To download the OleumTech Logo package, visit the Quick Downloads section of our website.


This includes the logo used for digital purposes such as websites, PowerPoint presentations, social media and emails. Use RGB logos in any of the following formats:

  • EPS
  • JPG
  • PNG

This includes printing on paper fabric, or other materials. Use CMYK logos in any of the following formats:

  • EPS
  • JPG

Quick Downloads

For your convenience, OleumTech logos, product images, datasheet page links are all provided in one place.