OleumTech Hardwired Liquid Level Sensor Enables Eastern Reservoir Services to Automate Frac Tank Liquid Level Monitoring


To accurately monitor liquid levels in frac tanks and to minimize repetitive manual labor and time involved, Eastern Reservoir Services (ERS) was in search for a better solution. ERS also desired for a simple plug and play-like system where operators can easily connect a HMI device to the Sensor to instantly access the level data.


Hardwired Liquid Level Sensor:

The OleumTech H-Series Hardwired Liquid Level Sensor fit exactly what Eastern Reservoir Services was looking for using a single float for single level monitoring solution.

HMI – 3” LCD Screen (Modbus Master):

The operator simply connects the LCD panel to the Liquid Level Sensor to view current level and temperature data without having to take manual reading.


Since Eastern Reservoir Services installed the OleumTech Liquid Level Sensor, it has been operating flawlessly and has eliminated the guesswork and repetitive manual labor in the level monitoring system.


  • The OleumTech Liquid Level Sensor provides precise, repeatable liquid level measurement for frac tanks
  • Deploying the Liquid Level Sensor eliminates manual level monitoring tasks
  • Helps improve worker safety by reducing hazardous work