Klinger Engineering Chooses OleumTech Wireless Level Solution for
Retrofitting Fuel Storage Tank in NBC® Tower


A parking garage in the NBC tower in Chicago has an existing 10-foot fuel tank where the level gauge was not visible from the ground level. This caused not only a safety concern with workers needing to check the level but with the lack of a monitoring system it was an overall inefficient system. They wished to monitor the level of the tank instantly onsite at ground level. 


    Klinger Engineering commissioned the System by OleumTech

    Liquid Level:

    To monitor the Liquid Level of the fuel tank, the existing gauge was removed and retrofitted with a Wireless Digital Level Transmitter. OleumTech had two sensor options for this application, a rigid probe (316 SS) or an Ultra-Flex probe (PVDF). For this tank the 10 foot single float Ultra-Flex sensor was chosen for installation over the Rigid due to the ease of installation and transportation (24” X 24” box). 

    LCD Display – Preconfigured System:

    The Base Unit Wireless Gateway was deployed to receive the signals from the Wireless Liquid Level Transmitter. OleumTech had preconfigured a system with a local LCD display in the factory as well as tested the application to ensure it would work flawlessly on site. This provided the customer with a “Plug and Play” application, all programmed and tested in house. The only items needed by the customer were a power source and permanent location to mount the display solution in an enclosure. 


    • OleumTech provided a safe alternative to climbing the tank to gather an accurate This resulted in a reduction of time, cost and hazards associated with the physical monitoring of the tank level previously required.
    • The OleumTech System provided a wireless liquid level monitoring system with ground level display coupled with the ease of use of a factory preconfigured
    • Support was available instantly through or Technical Support team who had preconfigured the system.


    The OleumTech Wireless Sensor Network System wirelessly enabled the monitoring of the level of the fuel tank and provided a solution to automatically read the level on the ground floor. This solution resulted in the elimination of having to climb up the tank to receive an accurate reading. Following the successful installation of the OleumTech wireless system, Klinger Engineering is searching for more opportunities to implement the wireless system in additional tanks and applications.