Chemical Tank Level Measurement

Robust Level Measurement for Chemical Injection Systems

chemical tank level measurement using resistive tank level sensor

Improve Chemical Injection Systems with Reliable Level Sensors

The chemical injection process entails introducing specialized chemicals into oil and gas production systems. These chemicals serve various purposes, including well cleaning, scale and corrosion mitigation, and enhancing production rates. Reliable, continuous level monitoring of the chemical tanks is critical to maintaining efficient operations and enabling operators to quickly and easily adjust the chemical injection amounts as needed. OleumTech Resistive Level Sensors play a crucial role in chemical injection systems by providing real-time, accurate measurements of levels within chemical tanks.

Product Solutions

WT-LL3 Resistive Level Transmitters

Chemical Tank Level Monitoring comes with many challenges, including foaming, condensation, and temperature changes. OleumTech Resistive Level Transmitters’ robust design allows them to thrive in the harshest environments, making them an ideal solution for the specific demands of chemical tank level measurement.

  • Monitor product, interface & temperature using a single Resistive Tank Level Sensor
  • Advanced local LCD display interface
  • Up to a 10-year battery life
  • ± 1/8” accuracy on 1/4“ resolution sensor* (T option) *API 18.2-compliant
  • ± 1/4” accuracy on 1/2“ resolution sensor
  • Highly resistant to H2S damage, scaling, and paraffin buildup
  • Self-contained, rugged design, IP66
  • Sensor supports a wide temperature range
  • -40 ˚C to 120 ˚C (-40 ˚F to 248 ˚F)
  • Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0), Intrinsically Safe