Foothill Ranch, CA, July 15, 2014 – OleumTech®, a leading manufacturer of wireless industrial automation systems, along with its long standing customer, has developed a new low-cost solution for monitoring multi-point cathodic protection systems. The ability to monitor multiple cathodic protection systems was the ultimate goal of the customer, and with the flexibility and power of the OleumTech wireless system, they were able to achieve just that.

To monitor several cathodic protection monitoring points, only one OleumTech Base Unit Wireless Gateway and a Wireless Analog Input Module, combined with third-party DC current sensors and voltage transducers were required to run the application.

The Wireless Analog Input Module deployed reads rectifier output voltage, multiple negative conductor currents, and multiple pipe-to-soil potential voltages to preserve underground pipes.

Upon discovering this new feat, many other OleumTech customers are now introduced to taking advantage of OleumTech wireless instruments for cathodic protection monitoring as there is a significant value in extending the life span of underground pipes. In addition, it has been recognized that the efficiency of a cathodic protection system plays a key role in ensuring the integrity of below grade assets.

The OleumTech Wireless System is designed with flexibility, portability, and scalability in mind, allowing operators to design and deploy the system with ease. Again, by implementing wireless connectivity: permitting, trenching, and labor required for hardwire install can be eliminated or minimized.

“I have been very impressed with the flexibility of OleumTech products. The Wireless Analog Input Module gives me the capability to design a remote monitoring unit to fit my unique well pad design with amazing flexibility and the Cathodic Protection Transmitter Kit gives me a plug and play option for pipeline applications,” said J.W., Corrosion Control Coordinator.

“This is the flexible platform our competitors continue to try to replicate. As a company built from customer needs, rather than trying to repurpose a portfolio of general purpose instruments, we have the luxury of selecting “best of breed” indefinitely; we learn from our customers every day and remain one step ahead,” said Glen Mann – Rockies, OleumTech Regional Sales Manager.


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OleumTech Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation systems that represents the new paradigm of remote monitoring and control for industries such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Petro-Chemical, Utilities and Water/Wastewater. The patented system eliminates costs associated with running cables and digging trenches with the use of its wireless tank monitoring, wellhead monitoring and peer-to-peer oilfield process automation solutions. Forming the foundation of a highly scalable, peer-to-peer wireless infrastructure, the OleumTech Wireless Systems enables “last mile” connectivity in any wireless SCADA and telemetry application.

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