When a large utilities organization was seeking a level monitoring solution for their Quick Recovery Peak Load Substation, they considered two general options, a traditional hardwired system vs a wireless system. After evaluating their options, the operator chose a system that integrated both wireless and hardwired I/O connectivity. To commission such a system, it required the use of the OleumTech OTC Wireless I/O Sensor Network that has both wireless connectivity and raw process signal output capabilities.
This case study details the company’s transition to a fully automated level monitoring solution including:

  • Automating manual tank level monitoring tasks
  • Wirelessly gathering precise, repeatable liquid level measurement from a wastewater storage tank
  • Wireless Connectivity from an OTC Resistive Level Transmitter
  • Tank Level Data being converted to a 4-20 mA Output
  • How a High Level Detection Triggers a Station Controller’s Digital Output and more….