Producers Are Winning the Battle Against Scaling with OleumTech® Resistive Tank Level Sensors

Scaling is proving to be a non-issue for OleumTech’s Patented Resistive Level Sensors


Scale buildup that occurs on level sensors deployed inside production tanks create significant challenges for oil and gas producers, especially in the Permian and Uinta Basins.

Guided wave radar and most float-based sensors are prone to scale buildup on the sensor. The buildup wreaks havoc on sensor accuracy, requiring frequent attention and maintenance contributing to higher operational costs. Add in the cost associated with high H2S counts, and the total cost skyrockets not to mention the health, safety, and environmental impact.

With some level sensing solutions, the scale buildup around the sensor probe is so excessive that a cleaning service is required. Every 60-90 days those sensors are serviced just to allow them to work properly. OleumTech sensors have been shown to require no such maintenance.


Many producers have turned to OleumTech and have replaced their existing sensors with the Resistive Level Sensors to combat scaling.
They have discovered that scaling simply does not form around the sensor probe or floats due to its unique design, material selection, and quality. While producers are still pulling the sensors every 60-90 days to inspect, given their previous experience, they are finding that these OleumTech sensors are staying free and clear from scale buildup.

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