A hardwired setup for collecting critical process data from field assets and instruments provides numerous benefits including safety, maintenance, and improving operational efficiencies. However, the difficulties in remotely accessing the data will always be a major downside and limitation of hardwired systems.

Producers today can easily and cost-effectively enhance and transform their existing hardwired automation operations by integrating OleumTech wireless gateways, transmitters, and I/O modules to gain remote visibility of their assets.

Furthermore, for new field installations, producers may want to consider implementing a wireless solution from square one to take advantage of its rapid deployment capabilities and significant cost savings.

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1. Existing Hardwired Setup (Wellhead with 4-20 mA Casing and Tubing Pressure Transmitters)
 This example of an existing hardwired setup offers no remote data connectivity.

2. Enhancing Existing Hardwired Setup with Remote Wireless Connectivity for Better Process Visibility
This example of a wireless system integration illustrates how you can continue the hardwired operation while adding valuable remote data accessibility to one or more locations.

3. Wireless Alternative for New Field Installations
Deploy the OTC Wireless Sensor and I/O Network to gain flexibility of either bringing in raw AIs and DIs directly to the controller or minimizing the wiring by just using Ethernet and leveraging Modbus TCP.

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