Over-the-Air (OTA) Device Update Functionality

Currently Available on the 900 MHz Platform Only

OleumTech Wireless Sensor and I/O Network users have the ability to leverage wireless connectivity for performing routine device management tasks with Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality via BreeZ® Configuration Software v7.0 (or later). Users can easily modify OleumTech wireless device settings either remotely (off-site) or locally (on-site) and push the updates to the device. OTA functionality eliminates the need for a physical connection to the device via a configuration cable; device parameters and calibration settings can be modified over-the-air just as they would with the cable. Users will need to upgrade the devices’ firmware in order to enable and use OTA features. OTA functionality does not support changing the radio settings or upgrading the device firmware.

OTA Connectivity Using a DH3
(On or Off-Site)

Use OTA configuration features remotely across Ethernet or locally via Ethernet or USB by using a DH3 as the OTA Broker to manage OTA-enabled devices.

OTA Connectivity Using an OTA Link Adapter

When within the RF range of both the OTA-enabled Wireless Gateway and Wireless Devices, you can wirelessly manage the OTA-enabled devices from using your PC by connecting an OTA Link Adapter – SX0900-OTA.

OTA-Capable Devices

Wireless Gateways

WT Wireless Transmitters

SM Wireless Transmitters

Devices Without OTA Support

To evaluate if your existing OleumTech hardware is compatible for OTA functionality firmware upgrade, please reference the product table below.